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Readiness Management

Readiness Management

Migration readiness is usually determined by two factors: are all the required applications packaged and ready; and has the user completed all pre-migration tasks, such as filling out a survey or attending mandatory training (these pre-migration tasks can be customized to fit your environment).

With the Computer / User Readiness report, you can easily filter and sort by Location, Application Status and/or User Status. If the Application Status is Not Ready, click the computer to see which application(s) are not yet ready, and see if their packaging can be expedited. If the User Status is Not Ready, take the appropriate steps to ensure the user completes the required survey or mandatory training.

If a computer’s Application Status and User Status are both Ready, you can click the Manage button to assign the asset to an upcoming migration wave.

Once you’ve identified which assets will be migrated in a particular wave, you can standardize migration procedures with runbooks. This will ensure that no steps are skipped and you’ll have an audit trail of when each step was completed. If you discover a step that needs to be added to improve the migration process, you can add it to the template so that it will globally for future waves of assets.

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