EMMA - Enterprise Migration Management & Automation

The Smarter Way to Manage Transformation in Your Environment


Don't manage another migration with spreadsheets!

With millions of transformations under our belt, Eden’s EMMA solution combines project management and runbook automation into one platform specifically designed for managing complex migrations. It’s one of the reasons why Eden was selected as a 2017 Gartner Cool Vendor since “EMMA can drive significant improvements in cost and time to project completion.”

EMMA consolidates data from your existing systems into a single platform so that everyone from technicians to project managers to executives have access to the same real-time data for analytics, readiness, scheduling and reporting.

Here’s how EMMA can help with the critical steps for a successful migration:

  • Scope Definition: Import asset data from system management software or spreadsheets and logically group these assets based on organization or migration waves
  • Dependency Mapping: Visually and logically map relationships between multiple asset types that impact migrations and transformation
  • Application Rationalization: Ingest application inventories from multiple sources, generate a human friendly list, and assign that list to users, machine, offices and business units
  • Readiness Management: Define a customized migration process to track asset readiness, identify roadblocks and/or opportunities to increase migration rates, and standardize migration procedures with runbooks and templates
  • Migration Scheduling: Schedule waves and manage tasks, spot potential bottlenecks and identify the root cause of project delays, and drive per unit migration costs below industry standards by optimizing throughput
  • Workflow Management: Initiate Service Now tickets and report on the status, populate SCCM collections and retrieve asset inventory, retrieve and/or modify Active Directory Computer & User information, and generate user communications and surveys to route via internal or external SMTP gateways
  • Reporting: Track migration progress by users, machines, or applications, link documents to assets and share with project team members, and free up project managers from collecting and organizing data from different sources with EMMA’s real-time reporting

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