Migrate to Windows 10 Faster with EMMA

Make this the easiest desktop migration project you've ever delivered.

Leverage-EMMA-to-Quicken-Your-Windows-10-UpgradeThe process of transitioning to Windows 10 is complex and often difficult to manage.

Relying on intricate spreadsheets or conventional project management tools is not an effective way to manage a desktop migration project.

EMMA (Enterprise Migration Management and Automation) is a purpose-built project management tool that has delivered a 30% reduction in the planning and deployment time of desktop migrations.

In our e-book, see how EMMA:

  • Leverages a proven methodology to tackle the most difficult aspects of a desktop migration, from inventory and rationalization to scheduling and reporting.
  • Improves visibility, enables the management of complex data sets, and drives productivity and cost savings.
  • Can help your organization see a significant reduction in your desktop migration planning and deployment.

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