Supporting the Exchange’s strategic objective of growth through acquisition required the development of a comprehensive end to end consolidation, upgrade, collaboration, and integration methodology...

...that could leverage lessons learned from each transaction to improve the efficiency and reliability of ongoing data center integrations. The exchange requested that Eden leverage our transformation methodology to develop a comprehensive M&A Day-1 and Day 1-100 program for data center consolidations, data center build-outs, and data center modernization efforts.

The key challenge was to build out a program which was modular in nature, such that the unique requirements of each transactional work stream could be met while still staying within the framework of an overarching management program.

Eden leveraged our best practices, templates, and transformation framework to develop an approach which was utilized to structure and manage a series of major data center mergers.

Eden’s approach allowed for project teams to leverage the best resources, tools, and methodologies from each of the organizations involved in the transaction in order to build consensus, collaboration, and support for the transaction’s Day-1 business objectives. Eden’s programs ultimately encompassed all aspects of the data center initiatives including requirements gathering, strategy, team building, communications, project management, technical architecture & leadership, testing strategies, project execution, and executive reporting.

The result was a data center integration program which allowed the merger teams to realize a successively faster time to value. The methodology used to deliver these initiatives has since been recognized by a number of organizations and has become a standard for large-scale programs and projects that need responsive, timely solutions to IT challenges.

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