With over $17 billion in revenue and 25,000 employees, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) is Japan’s second largest banking and financial services organization.

To advance their ever growing business, SMBC chooses to maintain a modernized infrastructure that supports the needs of the applications and services their users require. SMBC partnered with Eden on several of these modernization initiatives, including the migration of their global workforce to a modernized desktop, the upgrade of their datacenters to support the latest operating systems and applications, and development of cutting edge architectures in the areas of collaboration and security.

Eden’s approach includes early and on-going discussion with executives, Finance, IT, and other stakeholders to define the parameters and requirements of each program.

Eden then aggregates and translates those requirements to architectural teams and then, with SMBC’s concurrence, develops and executes on strategies to meet each objective.

Eden’s programmatic management approach to solving time-critical problems saved $3.0M dollars in hard support costs for the data center project alone – with further cost abatement realized through application rationalization and renegotiation with software vendors.

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