VNSNY is the nation’s largest not for profit healthcare organization performing over 2 million in-home visits per year.

Faced with changing regulations that transformed the organization’s business model, VNSNY’s approach to IT needed to be re-envisioned, re-designed, and re-built from the ground up. The goal was to transform IT from a rigid fixed cost model to one that provided variable cost, scalable capacity, and flexible services that could evolve with the changing healthcare landscape.

Eden partnered with VNSNY to understand the challenges of supporting a massive field-based nursing organization, as well the back office behind it. With that perspective, we initiated a 3-phased approach to stabilize, transition, and then transform how IT services are delivered and consumed.

Our primary goal was to deliver solutions that were stable and that improved quality of care...

...while achieving the business objectives of driving out costs and operating in a flexible services model. During the initial stabilization effort, ticket volume and support costs have been reduced, driving substantial cost savings. Subsequent efforts will align automation solutions and cloud offerings to directly impact the quality of service delivered to their field based clinical staff. Our ongoing commitment is to build and support an IT services approach that enhances VNSNY’s ability to deliver vital community services.

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