A complex infrastructure produces copious data. The County needed a way to capture, analyze, and correlate all that information...

...to produce actionable intelligence and real-time alerting without excessive ongoing maintenance. Based on the County’s needs, Eden aligned with IT departments servicing the various municipalities to evaluate, select, and implement a third party solution that was broad enough to meet complex business requirements but manageable enough to be easily supported post-integration.

Relying on structured project management and technical oversight...

...an aggressive integration of the new service was implemented without interruption of steady state business. This resulted in the County receiving real time security alerts enriched by correlated data from any affected devices.

A Security Operations Center now manages all security changes and alerts the County automatically to any failure or failover events while undertaking root cause analysis. With a single solution for security event details, device issues, and log retrievals, the County is able to maintain uninterrupted services across its entire operation at no additional labor costs.

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