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Enterprise Migration Management and Automation

Purpose built to manage complex technology migration projects including Windows 10, Data Center, and Cloud migrations.

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Budgeting & Planning

Manage budgets and timelines using real-time business intelligence.

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Discovery and Inventory

Discover, rationalize, and manage your asset inventory.

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Readiness Workflows

Automate tasks and report on status with built-in workflow management.

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Migration Management

Manage deployment teams with centralized reporting and mobile runbooks.

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Centralize Reporting

Centralized, real-time reporting is targeted to provide information needed during a migration, including inventory, dependencies, readiness, wave panning, and migration status.

Automate Tedious Tasks

Workflow automation reduces project costs and eliminates tedious work. Automate runbook creation, end user communications, and application rationalization.

Speed Project Startup

A project management platform optimized for IT transformation initiatives eliminates the need to re-invent the wheel configuring and integrating multiple tools.

Drive Collaboration

Large transformation projects involve many teams. A single management tool allows all teams to coordinate efforts on one platform.

Use Mobile Runbooks

Mobile device reporting allows geographically separated teams to stay in touch in real time during turnover periods.

Schedule Dynamically

Dynamic scheduling based upon readiness and dependencies allows teams to streamline schedules and prevent delays before they occur.

Integrate with SCCM

Built-in integration with SCCM allows the system to leverage your systems management investment.

Keep Project Managers Sane

Eliminating the need to manually update spreadsheets, status reports, and project plans lightens the load on project managers.

Analyze Data

Built-in data analytics allow the project to be viewed and analyzed from multiple points of view.

Let the Project Guide the Tool

All facets of the tool are customizable to match your project workflow.

Make this the smoothest migration you've ever delivered.

EMMA is purpose-built to manage your technology migration project.