Application Packaging & Virtualization

In the end, isn’t it all about making sure the applications work?


Eden has been the leader in application packaging for over a decade. With over ten thousand applications packaged and counting, our team understands what is required to ensure software functions without error, every time, regardless of device type, security settings, or pre-existing applications.

Preparation Preparation
  • Develop the application request/packaging/testing workflow
  • Build the packaging and testing environment
  • Develop the application requirements gathering strategy
Compatibility Compatibility
  • Gather application requirements
  • Verify application compatibility
  • Design the application shimming process
Packaging-Testing Packaging & Testing
  • Virtualize applications
  • Package applications
  • Oversee user acceptance testing
Learning-Communication Learning & Communication
  • Train technical staff on application packaging & virtualization techniques
  • Train technical staff on application remediation techniques
  • Design and implement learning and communications plans to educate users and technical staff on the application packaging and testing process

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