Data Loss Prevention

Do you know if confidential information is leaving your organization?


Eden’s Data Protection Solutions provide a broad range of capabilities to give our clients end-to-end data protection, be it for data in motion, data at rest, or data in use. By teaming up with best-in-class partners, we bring our clients the industry’s best solutions for each aspect of the problem.

Preparation Preparation
  • Develop the DLP policies
  • Design the DLP solution
  • Develop the business and technical workflows
Deployment Deployment
  • Deploy and integrate the DLP solution
  • Analyze incidents and optimize the system to minimize false positives
  • Identify broken business processes
Learning-Communication Learning & Communication
  • Prepare communications which ensure a uniform response to security incidents
  • Design and implement learning and communications plans to reinforce security policies with technical staff and end users
Ongoing-Management Ongoing Management
  • Proactively maintain the DLP system
  • Perform ongoing incident analysis and response
  • Integrate and refine additional DLP policies

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