Mergers & Acquisitions

Customer Challenge

During the first 100 days of any M&A effort, there are critical pre- and post-close activities that need to happen in a structured and methodical manner. Ensuring both companies are operating under the Target Operating Model as quickly as possible determines if maximum time to value is achieved.

Our Solution

Pre-close, Eden's EMMA solution is the blueprint for an organization to deliver mission critical systems and access across companies. Post-close, EMMA establishes a framework for ongoing integration activities to ensure a complete transition is quickly achieved.

Don’t manage this project with spreadsheets...

EMMA is specifically built for managing Windows 10 migrations and provides real time data analytics, progress reporting, runbook creation, and task management.

Customer Benefits

Mergers & Acquisitions

Quickly bring together disparate IT organizations.

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Enterprise Migration Management & Automation

Manage all elements of a desktop migration from one console.

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Essential Elements for a Successful M&A IT Integration Strategy

Minimize disruptions and ensure TtV is maximized with a comprehensive pre-M&A planning process and a robust integration roadmap & execution plan.

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