Our Philosophy

The Eden Way

Eden was founded by engineers who believe that focused thought, applied in a consistent manner, delivers great results. To that end, we approach all of our projects utilizing a simple, well-proven methodology.

Conceptualize Conceptualize Clearly articulate what it is that we are trying to accomplish, and define the project’s success criteria.
Plan Plan Collect requirements, and develop an implementation roadmap.
Develop Develop Develop the solution in a test environment.
Test Test Test the solution, review findings, and refine. Repeat.
Pilot Pilot Deploy the solution to a small subset of users, collect feedback, and refine.
Deploy Deploy Deploy the solution within the production environment.
Enable Enable Ensure end users and technical staff are fully trained on the new solution.
Manage Manage Develop the strategy for long-term maintenance of the solution.
Communicate Communicate Every step of the way, check in, listen, and adjust when necessary.

The Done. Done.™ Philosophy

The Done. Done.™ philosophy is our belief that 98% is just not good enough. Actually, that last 2% is the most important part of service delivery.

When a job is Done. Done. ™ it means everything is finished – completely finished, 100%, no loose ends, nothing left to follow up on. The solution is working as designed, users and engineers have been trained, the documentation is complete, and the cardboard boxes the equipment came in have been thrown out.

It’s hard to put Done. Done.™ into words – but you know it when you experience it. And you know it when you don’t.