Security Risk Management

Can you determine how secure you are in real time?


Eden’s programmatic approach to Security Risk Management combines best-in-class network risk management, compliance, and change management tools with experienced credentialed security engineers. The result? Real-time security risk management.

Assess Assess
  • Define target business assets and validate configurations against government, industry, and internal best practices
  • Integrate data from vulnerability findings, network configurations, and asset information to provide a rich composite view of your environment
  • Build a virtual model of your environment that updates daily and highlights risks caused by the interrelation of rules and vulnerabilities across all target devices
Prioritize Prioritize
  • Review network topology maps with highlighted and prioritized risks based on composite data
  • Plan remediation efforts and, when necessary, model them in advance to determine impact
  • Develop a plan to remediate the issue and record the resolution
Mitigate Mitigate
  • Train technical staff on system administration and maintenance
  • Implement an ongoing learning and communication plan to reinforce systems management policies and procedures
Ongoing-Management Ongoing Management
  • Develop policies and operational procedures to avoid risks before they happen
  • Conduct regular audit and compliance reports
  • Review internal policies and validate against configurations
  • Identify and analyze vulnerability

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