Training & Communication

An implementation isn’t complete until people understand the new technology.


We start with assessments that baseline the knowledge of your audience, and then build assets and leverage tools to effectively enable your staff. Along the way, we keep them engaged and informed by communicating changes and supporting the transition with structured training across the organization.

Assess Assess
  • Define project goals and expectations
  • Analyze how technology changes will impact people day-to-day
  • Capture learning requirements through targeted interviews and focus groups
  • Aggregate and document key learning objectives
Develop Develop
  • Build the communication and learning plan based on assessment findings
  • Design curriculum delivery (virtual, classroom, and e-learning)
  • Create documentation and communications
Deliver Deliver
  • Execute learning logistics (scheduling, registration, and tracking)
  • Pilot the learning and communication plan with key stakeholders and users
  • Communicate and engage with users on learning objectives
  • Measure effectiveness

We'll help you realize the greatest value
from your technology investments.