Windows 10 Accelerator Workshop

Leverage our experience deploying over 400,000 desktops to help you build a strategy, budget, and timeline to deploy and manage Windows 10 in your enterprise.

The Windows 10 Accelerator Program

Project Planning

Project planning, management, and reporting are the cornerstones of a Windows 10 migration effort. In our experience the success or failure of a migration is most directly dependent on upfront organization, budgeting, and logistics management. In the workshop we’ll discuss factors that affect how an organization scopes a project and creates a timeline. We’ll review the metrics customers commonly use when developing budgets and we’ll review the methodology and tools our customers use to ensure migrations are delivered on time and on budget.

Focus Areas:

  • Windows 10 project plan components
  • Establishing realistic timelines
  • Creating a budget
  • Logistics management
  • Acceleration planning
  • Reporting

Desktop Design

Whether it be financial, legal, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, or technology – every industry has unique requirements for the desktop. We’ll review the new features of Windows 10, discuss what different clients are doing to customize the image and build process, and talk about how the desktop design enables the mobile workforce. We’ll also review the methodology and tools that Eden uses to quickly build a custom image for our customers – sometimes in just a few days.

Focus Areas:

  • Windows 10 features
  • Image and build architecture
  • Industry customizations
  • Mobile strategies
  • Build management

Related Architecture

Windows 10 is part of a large ecosystem of inter-related infrastructure components. We’ll discuss active directory considerations, your systems management solution, self-service catalogs, and how Windows 10 works with your current desktop security and compliance platforms. We’ll also discuss your messaging strategy, whether you’re considering O365, and how that will impact your Windows 10 planning.

Focus Areas:

  • Active Directory
  • Systems Management Solutions
  • Desktop Security & Compliance
  • Messaging
  • O365

Application Preparation

Often the most difficult hurdle in a Windows 10 migration is finding, testing, and packaging the applications. We’ll discuss best practices for taking large, inaccurate inventories and turning them into actionable data. We’ll review best practices around testing and how Windows as a Service (WaaS) might change your strategy. We’ll also discuss packaging and deployment best practices to support an ever growing list of mobile and virtual use cases. Finally, we’ll review readiness reporting and how applications will impact the creation and management of the migration schedule.

Focus Areas:

  • Windows 10 Project Plan Components
  • Establishing realistic timelines
  • Creating a budget
  • Logistics Management
  • Reporting


The focus of a migration should be on ensuring a positive end user experience. A well-trained user can take greater advantage of improvements to Windows 10 and will require less support during a migration. We'll review Microsoft training resources, discuss approaches to curriculum development, and demonstrate how some organizations incorporate training into the overall deployment program.

Focus Areas:

  • Major changes in Windows 10
  • Developing a curriculum
  • Delivery strategies
  • Budgeting for training
  • Training logistics

Marketing & Communications

The Windows 10 upgrade will be highly visible and somewhat disruptive to the entire organization. It is important to establish messaging around why the project is happening, what to expect, and what the organization stands to gain. During the workshop we’ll discuss messaging development, delivery, and strategies for reinforcement within the project team.

Focus Areas:

  • Message development
  • Messaging delivery and reinforcement
  • Marketing budgets


Once applications have been sorted and technical hurdles overcome, the actual migration is an exercise in logistics management. We’ll talk about how different customers have approached schedule creation and some of the tools used to coordinate global deployment teams. We’ll discuss managing remote resources at field offices, quality control considerations, and also how capturing and leveraging deployment metrics can drive project acceleration.

Focus Areas:

  • Scheduling
  • Logistics Management
  • Reporting
  • Acceleration

Release Management

Windows 10 will be the last large scale Windows desktop migration initiative. Moving forward, there will be smaller, but more frequent updates to Windows which you’ll deploy across your organization in order to stay current. This change in strategy will require enterprises to re-think how they handle application testing and piloting. During the workshop we’ll discuss budgeting for release management, new approaches to application inventory, testing strategies, piloting rings, and how to leverage your systems management platform to manage the effort.

Focus Areas:

  • Windows release cadence
  • Application preparedness
  • Testing strategies
  • Pilot rings
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